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  China > Hainan Island - Sheraton Sanya Resort

Contact Information:

Mandara Spa at Sheraton
Sanya Resort
Yalong Bay National Resort
District Sanya
Hainan Island 572000, China

Tel: (86) 898 88558855
Fax: (86) 898 88558499
E-mail: [email protected]

Hours of Operation:
Spa: 10:00 - 11:00 (Mon - Thurs)
10:00 - 12:00 (Fri - Sun)
Salon: 11:00 - 7:00

Mandara Spa is located at the Sheraton Sanya Resort, the first Starwood Resort in China. The Hotel is situated in the center of the world class resort district of Yalong Bay overlooking the Golf Club. Located on the southern most tip of Hainan Island, this tropical destination is about 30 km east of Sanya City and 30 minutes drive from Sanya International Airport.

Mandara Spa comprises of two deluxe spa suites, five double suites, four single treatment rooms, reception and waiting lounge and a full service beauty salon. Treatment suites include steam showers, oversized terrazzo bathtubs, day beds and specious private changing areas. Access to the spa is across a bridge of wood beams bound by copper sheeting. On either side of the entrance two stately wooden doors, reminiscent of China’s imperial past, remain open to expose an oversized glass door. "Oversized", a feature that repeats itself throughout the spa interiors from spacious treatment suites and dressing areas to oversized bathtubs and day beds. Each deluxe and double suite features a spacious dressing area with oversized wardrobes, dressing table with full length mirror, steam showers, and gray granite wash basins with brass fixtures. A sliding wooden door separates the dressing area from the massage area which features two massage beds sitting under a canopy of interwoven lengths of cream canvas, which adds a cozy ambience to the room, an oversized bath tub and day bed. The spaciousness of the spa suites are reflected in their size ranging from 50 to 70 sq. meters each. Designed by Bensley Design Studios in Bangkok, one of Thailand’s most prestigious interior design companies, this 1,000 square meter spa incorporates traditional stone, wood and ceramic decorative pieces. Mr. Bensley said, “I am very excited about the project as I have allowed myself to explore and use some rather unusual materials like wood with a driftwood finish. Here in Sanya I want to remind the guest that they are on a glorious beach in China.

I used tumbled bleached marble tiles on the floor and gorgeous hand made tiles on the walls from Bali. The custom lighting fixtures were made on Phuket Island of recycled caste antiqued aluminum. I spent days selecting the Chinese antiques from the specialty antique markets in Shanghai and Beijing which makes up about twenty percent of the furniture. The remainder of the furniture was designed in our Bangkok Studio”.

11 treatment rooms: 2 Deluxe Spa Suites, 5 Double Suites, 4 Single Treatment Rooms, reception and waiting lounge and a full service beauty salon. Treatment suites include steam showers, oversized terrazzo bathtubs, private change area and relaxation lounges, Steam Showers and oversized bathtubs in most of the suites

Outdoor – Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Traditional Chinese Massage and Foot Reflexology. In the Hotel Guest Room – Traditional Thai Massage, Traditional Chinese Massage and Foot Reflexology.

Coconut Milk and Flower Bath
Sink into luxury in a hydrating coconut milk bath with natural essential oils and fresh rose petals. Rejuvenates and nourishes the skin leaving it supple, smooth and revitalized.

Tropical Island Scrub
Pineapple, a natural exfoliate, and coconut richen nutrients, blends together to provide a refreshing cleansing for the entire body. This intoxicating aromatic experience aims to rejuvenate the skin and arouse the senses.

Coconut Paradise
Reap the benefits of Hainan Island, a true coconut paradise. Indulge your senses while nourishing your skin with pure virgin coconut oil rich in minerals that moisturizes and heals the skin.
Floral Foot Ritual – Coconut Body Scrub – Coconut Milk and Flower Bath – Nourishing Coconut Oil Massage - Refreshment

  • 7 Couples Rooms
  • 11 Private Treatment Rooms
  • Relaxation Lounge
  • Hair Salon
  • Nail Bar/Bank
  • Pedicure Thrones

With nearly 70 land-based spas located in 12 countries, there is likely to be a Mandara Spa in one of your favorite destinations. Our knowledgeable and attentive staff has worked closely with many individual and professional event planners and group coordinators for groups of 10 to over 600 to assure the success of your special event.

We will work closely with you to design a program to meet your requirements.

• Establish/review goals and budget
• Spa treatment selection with packaging options including retail gifts
• Spa appointment selection
• Retail in-room welcome gifts
• Pre-paid vouchers redeemable towards spa merchandise or spa activities
• Spa facility Day Passes for spas offering such facilities

• Coordinate pre-event briefing of key spa staff
• VIP handling
• Appointment handling
• Development of informational collateral
• Mini-massage stations for group registration at hotel check-in
• Spa representative to attend group orientation meetings

For group planning information, please contact your preferred spa directly.


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