Immerse yourself in the ultimate spa experience with this exquisite package that offers choices from around the globe with services including an Aroma Reflex Foot Ritual, Hydrobath or Herbal Steam, Lavender Body Wash, Choice of Traditional Body Scrub, choice of Balinese Massage, Fancy Foot-work or Warm Stone Massage.

Aroma Reflex Foot Ritual


A symbolic cleansing process to wash away the world and a divine foot massage to prepare you for total relaxation.

Hydrobath or Herbal Steam


Inhale the aromatics delicately curated for you during our herbal steam or hydrobath experience.

Lavender Body Wash


Enjoy the relaxing effect and benefits of our Lavender Body Wash - applied delicately throughout your body.

Traditional Body Scrub


A procedure that deeply cleanses the body, removes dead cells and improves microcirculation leaving the skin soft, smooth, and silky.

Balinese Massage


Our most relaxing massage, harnessing the therapeutic properties of 100% pure essential oils. Used for centuries to renew, strengthen and heal both body and mind, this traditional therapy combines stretching, long strokes, skin rolling, and palm and thumb pressure techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress, and calm the mind. It also helps to improve the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, and nervous systems. For recovery from jet lag, we recommend our Tranquility massage oil blend.

Fancy Footwork


The most blissful ride your feet will ever take you on. It's like reflexology without the ‘ouch’. Based on the same therapeutic principles of its ancient ancestor, this foot massage will help to release toxins and restore your body's energy flow. And it feels like bliss at its celestial best.

Warm Stone Massage


The healing power of touch combines with the energy of the earth in this relaxing, muscle-melting massage. Smooth, warmed rocks glide across the body in long, flowing strokes. The heat helps to relax the muscles and has a soothing effect on your emotions. Simultaneously, rocks are placed on the body's various energy points to encourage the body's healing potential.

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